10 Parent Do-Overs For 2015 Including “Embrace the Mess”

mary_jo_rapiniBy Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC

When my first daughter was six and my youngest was two, I came to a realization that helped me parent in a much different fashion. You see, I’ve always been a neat freak and I prefer structure and order in my home. Beds made, no dust, and I’m happy. No one told me I couldn’t have that and kids too, but it wasn’t long before I realized I would stress myself into a heart attack if I continued.

When you have kids, you should actually think of living in a barn because kids are hoarders; they’re messy; they spill anything they carry; and they are curious and forgetful. They don’t close doors, clean up toys, worry about mud, clean up art supplies or Cheerios. And, unless you pacify them with electronic gadgets (which don’t stimulate their creative ingenuity as well as hands on manipulating things), your home will be full of rocks, leaves, sand and bugs.

Every parent I know who has a teenager or college-bound child reminisces about what they would do differently if they had a baby or small children now. Many of the things they say are enlightening and helpful when you are sure you’re losing your mind with the little ones. I have come up with a list of ten things for parents to consider for 2015 as they continue raising their children.

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Make Any Daddy Super Daddy with Unique Dad-Centric Products by Daddy & Co.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 5.35.18 AMToday’s Dads aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  So give them daddy gear they can rock in style and be proud to call their own.

Daddy & Company’s cohesive line of durable and innovative products provides dads in every stage of fatherhood a way to proudly proclaim, “I’m the Daddy!”  From comfy one-of-a-kind delivery day scrubs to everyday baseball caps and diaper packs, Daddy & Company will keep him confident, organized and ready tackle any super-daddy situation from the delivery room and beyond.

Who said baby showers can’t be about daddies too!  Daddy & Co.’s DaddySwag Gift Set is the ultimate shower gift and includes everything a dad-to-be needs to prepare for his role as # 1 dad.  With everything from a cool coffee mug, awesome pens, and stylish sunglasses to the popular and super comfy daddy scrubs, this set will have everyone smiling and leave no doubt come delivery day of who’s the daddy.  Ian Ziering Daddy of the year (2013) is a celeb fan and supporter of Daddy Scrubs!

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Emotionally Thriving: Coping with the Emotion of Prostate Cancer

By Steve Frohman

It’s no surprise that prostate cancer comes with its host of challenges, but we most commonly associate these with the physical, not the emotional. But the entire process – from the diagnosis, to the treatment, and even after it has been cleared – can severely impact a man’s mentality.

To date most research has been devoted to the physical side of prostate cancer and potential side-effects of treatment. And unfortunately little exists about the emotional distress and how to properly cope with prostate cancer. Yet, these emotions – sadness, fear, anger, depression, anxiety, loss of confidence – can be stifling, potentially affecting your work, relationships, energy level, and overall wellbeing.

The most common culprits of these emotions include loss of libido, decreased sexual activity, erectile difficulty and urinary incontinence. What’s more troubling is depression can sneak up in many different ways including appetite (decrease or increase), sleep patterns, sex drive, mood and behavior, memory, and concentration, to name a few. How do you move beyond these emotions, and live a thriving life after prostate cancer?

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Could Mom Have Been Wrong? Discovering the Truth Behind Common Myths and Misconceptions

By Brian Udermann

Oh the wonderful advice many of us were given by our parents.  Don’t sit too close to the TV, take that bandage off your cut when you go to bed, don’t go swimming for at least 45 minutes after eating a meal, and for goodness sake stop cracking your knuckles or you will wind up with huge arthritic joints when you are older!

Turns out that sitting to close to the TV will not damage eyesight.  It might lead to a bit of eyestrain which could cause your eyes to become red, dry, and even a bit irritated, but that will usually go away in 20 or 30 minutes after you turn the television off.  Similarly, reading in low light conditions will not damage eyesight either.  I used to panic every time I found one of my three boys reading by flashlight buried under their covers late at night, now I just let them read!

Countless hours of swimming enjoyment have been lost because good intentioned parents won’t let their children go into the water for 30, 45, or even 60 minutes after eating a meal.  The fear is that if we go swimming after eating, much of our blood will be diverted from our muscles to our stomach to help with the digestion process and this could lead to stomach cramping and possible drowning.

I’ve searched the medical literature and have yet to come up with one single case of someone drowning or even having a near drowning experience because they went swimming after eating a meal.  The rule in our house now is, if you want to swim after eating a meal, go ahead!

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